Who I am

From mainstream finance to impact investments.

My 20+ years' career led me from commercial and investment banking to credit risk management, PE, treasury and debt capital markets. I enjoyed the complexity and challenges of the international banking and capital markets environment and was mainly serving larger organizations with financing solutions.


During the second phase of my career, I was able to add one important ingredient to my professional life: purpose! I dedicated myself - responsible for the investment activity at responsAbility Investments - to the establishment and growth of what has become the global leader in impact investments, now using the power of the banking and capital markets for sustainable economic, sector and market development in developing countries and emerging markets.


In 2018, I decided to start my third career phase, creating my own advisory business, to contribute to the further development of the sustainable and impact investment industry by sharing my experience and knowhow in board positions and advisory roles. My partners are DFIs/IFIs, institutional investors, banks, FOs, foundations, impact asset managers and companies in the impact investment or impact relevant business space.