I am providing advisory services based on three key USPs and the expertise I could gain throughout my career:

  1. A solid fundament of mainstream banking, credit risk, treasury and debt capital markets knowhow.
  2. Management of organizational growth and business development, incl. partnerships. Good governance.
  3. Impact investing and asset management with focus on FI, agriculture, climate/energy finance and developing countries.

My Services

I am offering my expertise to sustainable investment and impact business actors. From development finance institutions/IFIs, impact investors, related businesses and start-ups, to institutional investors, banks, family offices and foundations.

Depending on the role, I am providing this expertise mostly over a longer period of time, hands-on and remain in close proximity to the client and the business. Focus areas are:


- Governance roles

- Support in development of strategies, new businesses and related projects

- Organizational development

- Hands-on advisory, coaching of management and support in execution

- Investment related advice / investment committee roles


  1. Board membership for fund or investment vehicles (e.g. blended finance funds) with own legal setup and governance, thus own board of directors
  2. External investment committee member for own investment activity or funds/vehicles
  3. Board position at investee company level where DFI/IFI is invested
  4. Advisor or project contributor with private sector impact investment knowhow

For Impact Investors and Businesses, incl. Start-ups

  1. Board member or Advisory Board member, supporting the client in strategy, planning, organization, business development, partnerships, fund raising, investment and risk management. Active support of management
  2. Business consultant and coach during concept, start-up and growth phase. E.g. in business development or asset management

For Institutional Investors, Banks, FOs, Foundations

  1. Advisor and business consultant with impact investment knowhow, involved in establishment of sustainable and impact investment activities and products
  2. Investment committee member with expert knowhow
  3. Client facing content expert supporting the existing teams
  4. Advisory Board member with credibility